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Soak #5: Eric Rodenbeck from Stamen

In this soak, data visualizer Eric Rodenbeck, from Stamen Design, tells us about his efforts to create compelling visual stories from the formerly indecipherable heaps of data that surround us. Eric tells us about hiring bicyclists to track the Google Buses, and he shares his awe at the tsunami of computation that is washing over us.

Listen to Soak #5 Podcast here.


“You can talk all you want about what the data might show or what the danger in it might be, but until you actually make it visible there’s no real way to have a concrete conversation about it.” – Eric Rodenbeck


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Eric Rodenbeck in the tub

This Thursday night (Jan 30), we will be hosting Eric Rodenbeck — Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Stamen Design.

Stamen Design has been innovating (and yes, I use the word for its real meaning) interactive and print map design since 2001 with collaborators that range from the Exploratorium to the SFMOMA to MoveOn.org to BMW. And Here are more of their projects.

Eric is an expert in creative data-visualization and mapping and has been doing it long-before it’s recent popularity. We are excited to have him in the tub.

We will be taking audience questions via Twitter @hottubpodcast (just mention us and we’ll capture your questions).



Eric’s full bio and information is here.