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Instructable on Boom Mic

Podcasting seems simple, right? Just record yourself talking. Done. Not so easy. Every situation requires some amount of audio engineering.

For the Hot Tub Podcast, we were in a unique situation:  how to record ourselves in a pool of water? First step: jets OFF.

Using a lavalier mic isn’t going to work when you are naked — do we clip the mic to our nipples? We thought about microphone-headphones (like an airline pilot). But, this would be too much like a sensory deprivation tank.


So I crowdsourced the question and the consensus was to use a shotgun mic and some sort of custom boom to go over the hot tub. Fortunately, I already had a good mic for an art project, in which I recording emissaries from the year 2049 talking about what life was like in the future.


With a little bit of engineering, Brett came up with a solution using zip-ties. I created this Instructable on a DIY Boom Mic setup.