Deep Thoughts in Shallow Waters

Does the body rule the mind
Or does the mind rule the body?
I don’t know… *



We’ve solved the eternal question of mind-body duality by choosing  to interview guests from a hot tub. Nearly every other podcast takes place in a sound studio, where guests wear headphones, isolating themselves from the physical word. They respond to “head-based” questions and tell stories about their lives, transmitting their voices directly into your brains.

But we are not just brains-in-vats. Consciousness can’t be uploaded. When we soak in the 104-degree water, we invite our bodies to be part of the interview. Our minds open up and expand and only at this point can we properly talk about our themes: Uncertainty, Consciousness and Technology.

As time goes by, the interviews get more interesting. The first 10-minutes are warmup, the next 30-minutes are heated conversations and in the last 20-minutes we are babbling fools. Hopefully the SD card has run out of storage space by then.


* As sung by the The Smiths

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